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About Sparkle City

What do the Windy City, Sin City, Magic City, Charm City, Empire City, and Motor City have in common?

These cities earned their nicknames from fostering their fortés.

Welcome to Sparkle City, where our specialty is sparkles. This dazzling destination was discovered in 2018 by Jaime Glas and Margo Sanders Cory, who were seeking a refuge for their mutual love of glitter and gameday. Sparkle City is a place for the fashionable fan who wants to shine while supporting her team. Here, you can find statement pieces that make looking glamorous on gameday as easy as throwing on a tee. 

All ages, sizes, and personal styles are welcome in Sparkle City. We are most proud of testimonies that exclaim wearing sparkles for the first time and loving it! Come join our festive community of fun, fashion, and fandom. We can’t wait to see how you style your sparkles!

About Jaime

Born in Baton Rouge, LA, the strongest memory Jaime has from her childhood is being obsessed with clothes. She changed outfits several times a day as a kid and constantly reworked her dresses for middle school dances and even senior prom. 
Jaime went on to graduate from Louisiana State University in Petroleum Engineering and International Trade and Finance, with a minor in Chinese Culture and Commerce. Though she chose a technical career over a creative one, she always maintained her interest in clothes and shoes – she was nicknamed “Fashion” by her corporate coworkers.
One of the main struggles Jaime faced as an engineer was feeling confident in her ill-fitting FR workwear. In 2017, Jaime decided to marry her love of apparel and her experience in the oil and gas industry by launching, HauteWork, the first brand of fashionable flame-resistant clothing made exclusively for women. In founding HauteWork, Jaime gained invaluable experience with manufacturing, technical design, graphics, and e-commerce.
In 2018, Jaime posted a gag Instagram caption about making sparkly jumpsuits. Margo, an acquaintance at the time, messaged her immediately asking her to make a white one for her wedding day. The rest is history. The girls met for measurements and bonded over their love of sports and sparkles. Together they built Sparkle City to be THE fashionable fan, sparkly special occasion brand. 

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Margo Cory

About Margo

Born and raised in New Orleans Louisiana, Margo has always had a creative and adventurous flare. She had a entrepreneurial spirit when it came to exercising her creativity. When she wasn’t playing sports or in the outdoors, her time was spent making costumes, jewelry, painting, and learning to sew. Because of this, any occasion, including hunting and fishing, presented an opportunity for her to show up in style with multiple outfit changes. This continued on to making team swimwear for offshore fishing tournaments and creating the designs for tournament t shirts.

She went on to LSU bringing her passion to life by majoring in fashion merchandising and minoring in business. These two skills helped her tap into her entrepreneurial side and learn how to transform her passion into a business. Her degree also qualified her to run a furniture design consignment showroom, execute an annual fashion show in Charlotte, NC, and design and sew costumes for movies, deb parties, and Mardi Gras working for a local costume company. Fast forward to 2018, two great minds came together and honed in on their love for sports and fashion to create sparklecity.

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